Exuberance Capital, along with its subsidiary company Exuberance Agency, were launched in late 2021. As part of the Agency’s pioneer team of creatives, I led the setup of a design and content management system to boost the companies’ presence online.

Exuberance Capital is, as the name suggests, a venture capital firm. Based in Switzerland, the proprietors are well versed in managing global companies and have experienced growing startups before the term “start-up” become a buzz word. Their social media presence needed to be both informative and down-to-earth in order to connect well with their target audience. We chose to focus on LinkedIn as the company’s primary social platform, and paid extra attention to the post carousel function to keep the content interactive and eye-catching.

The design elements for its subsidiary Agency are similar, with more playful elements added to show a more creative side. Because the Agency offers special services to support Capital’s portfolio companies, the team decided to keep the branding more unified rather than emphasizing the differences between the two. Here are a few side-by-side examples.

Final note: a social media plan is nothing without careful planning! I worked with the team’s copywriters, sales representatives, and SEO specialist to set up templates not just for visuals, but also for content, hashtags, tips for organic growth, and targeting for paid ads. Last but not least, the comprehensive plan included suggestions for future calendars that could include using other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.