Nickel Asia 2021 Annual and Sustainability Report

NAC is a diversified natural resources development company, combining their operations as the Philippines’ largest producer of lateritic nickel ore (and one of the largest in the world) with a growing interest in renewable energy development. This year, I designed their annual report, with guidance from the stellar Ampersand Design team.

The project began with cover conceptualization. I presented three options, each with a different theme. The focus for all three themes is on the company’s transformation from purely mining-focused to natural resources development, including renewable energy.

Among the three, NAC chose the leftmost option, as it resonates with their roots as a mining company and gives a clearer sense of movement towards sustainability. The middle option only shows their roadmap to achieving applicable UN SDGs, while the rightmost option was a bit too abstract in depicting balance and nature. From there, we developed the design system for the inner pages, integrating the report’s theme and the company’s current brand guidelines.

The finished report is over 100 pages long and is prepared for both print and digital use. The digital version features a clickable navigation bar on top of the right-hand side page, as well as a clickable table of contents. Below are selections from the final design.

For more context regarding the company’s branding and design ethos, please see Ampersand’s case study. Their work inspired many design elements within the report. To download the entire report, visit this link.